Monday, May 10, 2010

France - Monday

Howdy, here's my first day report from France. First of all, I got to the airport (Newark) way early for yesterday's 6:15 flight. Continental online it said it would only be delayed 24 minutes, and when I got to the airport it even said departure time 6:30, so things were looking good. I was planning to meet up with Roy Pirrung at the airport, at his baggage are since his flight would be delayed and was to come in after me, and we would room together the first night in Paris. Well, somehow my flight didn't get boarded so quick, and what with flying over Greenland to avoid the volcano in Iceland, my flight that was supposed to arrive at 7:45 am Monday arrived at almost 10:00. To make things worse, there was apparently a baggage handler's strike and I had to wait over an hour for my checked bag! On the bright side, I recognized an identical USA Track and Field bag at the carousel that belonged to teammate Anna Piskorska. I'd only briefly met her (I think) at North Coast last year, so it was nice to meet her and her boyfriend Bill and her little girl. Since Roy had already made his way to the hotel, I traveled solo into Paris to the hotel.

Roy and I strolled around a bit to stretch our legs and get a look at the Eiffel Tower and the Arc d'Triomphe. Back at the hotel we met up with co-champion Jill Perry and her crew Deb Mimargolu, who had arrived the day before. The four of us went to dinner at a nearby bistro, and here I am, exhausted and ready for bed.

Tomorrow we take a morning train to Brive. I'll post another report and hopefully have pictures!

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