Tuesday, May 11, 2010

France, Day 2

Not a lot of time to give a day 2 update but here goes. Roy, Jill, Deb and I took the morning train from Paris to Brive, and met up with Mike Henze and his wife Jill (from here on out we'll say Jill H.), and saw Anna and Bill at the station taking an earlier train. Mike and Jill H. had quite a time of it with bad weather in Detroit, a missed connection and a lost bag, which was eventually found. Then they had a ticket for a later train that didn't exist, but managed to get on the train with the four of us. We checked into the hotel in Brive, had some lunch and settled in. Scott Jurek and his girlfriend Jenny had arrived the day before, so the team is growing! Mike and I took an easy 4-mile (roughly) jog in the afternoon, the weather is cool and spotty, spitty rain, but not bad.

While eating dinner at a nearby restaurant we saw the arrival of Suzanna Bon and Sam, and Amy Palmiero-Winters and her crew member Eric. Because of a botched reservation, Amy and Eric didn't get a room, so they took mine and John Geesler's room (who just arrived with the Irish team about a half hour ago), and John and I will each triple up with others. Not giving any more details about the tripling up in the tiny rooms! ;-)

Although most of the people reading this are runners, I also have to mention the passing of my friend and former work colleague John Forbes, one of the best music engravers and editors ever to be in the business. I just saw the email notification, and time doesn't allow me to properly mention what a great man he was, but he will be missed by many, both personally and professionally. And he will be in my thoughts this week.

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