Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bridge of the Week #13: Unionport Bridge

Sorry this week's bridge is late. This is for last week, I'll try to get this week's up early. But this week's bridge is the Unionport Bridge in the Bronx, over the Westchester Creek, and carries Bruckner Blvd. between Zerega Ave. and Brush Ave, between the Unionport and Schuylerville sections of the Bronx. It is a street-level double-leaf drawbridge that has room for two westbound and three eastbound lanes of traffic and a sidewalk on the south side, and has a length of 601 feet. It was opened in 1953, and I believe has some extensive renovations scheduled to begin soon. But last week when I was there it was open for business. It sits hidden underneath the junction of the elevated Cross Bronx Expressway, Bruckner Boulevard and Hutchinson River Parkway. I believe drivers call this the Bruckner Interchange.

For all that, it's not too hard to maneuver for runners. On the east side is the intersection of Bruckner Blvd, and Brush Ave., and some onramps to the expressways, but follow the pedestrian signals to get through the traffic. Just to the north is the Whitestone Cinemas, a 14-theater multiplex. Continue south on Brush for about a mile to get to the spacious Ferry Point Park, which sits at the foot of the Bronx Whitestone Bridge (which doesn't have a walkway). Follow the bike route signs east of the bridge to get to the Hutchinson River Parkway Greenway, a bike/pedestrian path which follows the Hutch north up to Pelham Parkway. Continue west from the bridge to get to the Soundview neighborhood, and eventually Soundview Park, which has some nice bike/pedestrian pathways.

If you wish to get there by subway, the 6 train is not too far north, on Westchester Rd. - Zerega Ave. probably being the closest station. It's a bit out of the way, and not a monumental bridge by any means, but does lead to some interesting parts of the Bronx.


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