Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bridge of the Week #88: Jewel Ave. Bridge

On the bridge, looking west along Jewel Ave.

Looking north at the Flushing River and the ramp from the park

Looking south at Flushing River, Willow Lake, and the onramp to the Van Wyck

This week's bridge is the Jewel Ave. Bridge across the Flushing River on the edge of Flushing meadows Corona Park in Queens. It's one of those bridges you might cross without even knowing it. This is right at the point that Jewel Ave. meets an onramp/offramp for the Van Wyck Expressway, then crosses the Van Wyck, just west of the intersection with Park Drive East. The river here is at the spot between Meadow Lake and Willow Lake. Nothing of much interest with the bridge itself, a standard utilitarian concrete bridge. For runners, it's a way to get to Flushing Meadows from the neighborhoods to the east, in the 60-70 avenues. There are sidewalks on both sides, but it's kind of a crazy traffic area, so be careful, even with the pedestrian signals and crosswalks. One note: the onramp and offramp in the pictures above don't have sidewalks, so those bridges will not be covered in this series.

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