Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bridge of the Week #79: Rockaway Blvd. Bridge #2

I may have gotten behind, but I haven't forgotten about the bridges. This week's bridge is the second bridge on Rockaway Blvd. in the Rosedale-Brookville area of eastern Queens, east of JFK Airport (the first being the last reviewed bridge).

This really isn't much of a bridge at all, something between a culver and a bridge, but I decided to put it one here anyway. The water that flows below is an offshoot of Thurston Basin, part of the network of tiny waterways at the eastern end of Jamaica Bay.

This section of Rockaway Blvd. between Springfield Gardens and Meadowmere Park looks like it's little-traveled by anyone on foot, but it is a couple miles of straight, flat sidewalk uninterrupted by intersections, so for runners who live in the area it could have some training benefits.

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