Friday, November 25, 2011

Bridge of the Week #73: Saw Mill Creek Bridge

This week's bridge is again on Staten Island - the Saw Mill Creek Bridge. This steel and concrete bridge carries Chelsea Road over the Saw Mill Creek in the Bloomfield area of Staten Island, an area south of the Goethals Bridge, west of the West Shore Expressway, where there are inlets and wetlands off Arthur Kill, the waterway between Staten Island and New Jersey. There are some industrial areas there and a few other businesses, but not much for residences nearby.

I don't have any stats on the bridge, the first picture above pretty much tells the story of its size. (The second picture is the view west from the bridge.) There are sidewalks on the bridge, but no sidewalks on Chelsea Road leading to and from the bridge. But when I ran it, there was little traffic on the road. While there actually can be some appeal to running on these low-traffic remote roads, I wouldn't think a lot of runners from other parts of the city or the borough would have much interest in taking the bus all the way out here for their run. Unless they happen to want to run all the bridges of the city.

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