Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bridge of the Week #65: Fresh Creek Bridge

This week's bridge is another on the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn, the Fresh Creek Bridge over Fresh Creek, along the edge of Jamaica Bay.

As with the others, this was built in the late 1930's when the Belt Parkway (Shore Parkway) was constructed. This bridge is one of seven along the Belt (including some side street overpasses) that are currently slated for reconstruction, and in fact, reconstruction is currently well under way. It is one of the links in the nice Belt pathway that extends from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, to Howard Beach, Queens, with bridges to take you out to the Rockaways, so you can do some nice long traffic-free runs here. As the roadways will stay open on all bridges during reconstruction, so will the walkways, even if it's not as quiet and smooth as traffic roars next to you. A temporary bridge will handle traffic while the new bridge is built on the site of the old one.

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