Saturday, March 19, 2011

Manhattan Island Bridge Run

Today was a beautiful day for a long run, and I was lucky to be joined for my run across the bridges of Manhattan Island by a very good group of friends, new and old. Mike Oliva inspired me to lead a group run and put it up on Meetup, on his New York Trail and Ultrarunning group. Check it out!

I did this a few years ago, but back then some bridges were under construction or reconstruction, so this would be a 30+ mile run across all of the bridges of Manhattan Island currently open for pedestrians (and then some), 17 total:

1. George Washington Bridge (out and back)
2. Henry Hudson Bridge (to the Bronx)
3. Broadway Bridge (to Manhattan)
4. University Heights Bridge (to the Bronx)
5. Washington Bridge (to Manhattan)
6. Macombs Dam Bridge (to the Bronx)
7. 145th St. Bridge (to Manhattan)
8. Madison Ave. Bridge (to the Bronx)
9. Third Ave. Bridge (to Manhattan)
10. Willis Ave. Bridge (to the Bronx)
11. Triboro Bridge (to Randall's Island)
12. Triboro Bridge (to Manhattan)
13. Queensboro Bridge (to Queens)
14. Pulaski Bridge (to Brooklyn)
15. Williamsburg Bridge (to Manhattan)
16. Manhattan Bridge (to Brooklyn)
17. Brooklyn Bridge (to Manhattan)

I met Mike, Brian, Prue and Lewis at the GWB Bus Terminal and off we went. Brian, Prue and Lewis I met for the first time, and they were excellent running companions. We had a great time running past various sites and neighborhoods of northern Manhattan and western Bronx. After entering Manhattan on the Triboro Bridge, about 20 miles, Lewis and Prue ended their run and went about their day. Brian decided to go his own way at the East River walk a little ways later. But Mike and I finished the run, crossing the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan. I had estimated a 30-mile distance, but Mike's GPS read about 35 miles, so a little more than expected, but earning a good rest afterward. Thanks to Mike, Brian, Prue and Lewis! A great bunch of people, who I hope to see at the races or at another Meetup event soon!
Pics: 1. Prue, Brian, Mike and Lewis overlooking the High Bridge Aqueduct (closed to pedestrians); 2. Lewis and Brian on Randall's Island; 3. Prue and Mike on Randall's Island; 4. Mike and I on the final bridge crossing


  1. Fantastic...let me know when you do this again...I'd love to join. Also would love to see the GPS data/map.