Friday, April 16, 2010

Bridge of the Week #11: Metropolitan Ave. Bridge, Grand St. Bridge

This week I'm putting two bridges together, since neither is very interesting and they're so close together - the Metropolitan Ave. Bridge and Grand St. Bridge. Both are located in east Williamsburg, Brooklyn, near or on the Queens border.

The Metropolitan Ave. Bridge is a double leaf drawbridge over English Kills, an offshoot of Newtown Creek which divides Queens and Brooklyn in the area of the East River. It's 33.8 meters long, and carries two lanes of traffic and has sidewalks on both sides. It is located at the meeting of Metropolitan Ave. and Grand St. in Brooklyn, and carries both streets across the water.

Continue east on Grand St. and the Grand St. Bridge will carry you across Newtown Creek into Queens. It is a swing bridge that opened in 1903. It is 69.2 meters long and carried two lanes of traffic and sidewalks on both sides. It affords stunning park views (industrial parks) and up-close interaction with exotic wildlife (junkyard dogs).
OK, not much going on here. But next week will be a special one for #12. Hint: it's probably the most significant bridge in New York for sports fans.

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